Family with Foster Children Fighting to Renovate Home for Kids

This piece was published Dec 13, 2016 by ABC15 news.

Foster FamilyThey say love makes a house a home, and if that’s the case one Valley family must have one of the biggest homes you’ve ever seen.

“Everyday I tell myself, this is my own child, I don’t care if he’s blood related for not, I’m going to love this child as my own,” said Virginia Revoir.

Revoir has 10 children who range in ages from one to 16. Eight of them are her biological children and she is fostering two of them.

Her 11-year-old foster son was the victim of abuse and he needs intense emotional care. He has been in her home for three months and is doing great.

“I took him in, they warned me, he’s high needs, and I said, ‘That’s OK I will love him like my own,'” she said. “I wouldn’t give up on my own kid.”

Her four bedroom house just isn’t big enough. Two of her biological sons moved into the garage to make room, but state inspectors said that is not allowed.

Revoir is attempting to turn her outdoor patio into a fifth bedroom. She said state inspectors have given her until the end of the month to complete the construction project.

If Revoir fails to make the deadline, she says her foster son could be placed somewhere else.

“My heart, my heart would be broken,” said Revoir.

There is hope this Christmas season for Virginia and her family, because a brand new non-profit group is stepping in.

“We typically don’t take on projects this big, this is the first time we are attempting something this large,’ said Jenny Cook with Boost a Foster Family.

Cook Remodeling has agreed to take on the project and Home Depot will donate the materials.

Now the rush is on to raise $8,000 to cover labor costs.

The Revoir family is determined to give their foster son the best Christmas present of all, a loving, permanent home.

More information on Cook Remodeling efforts can be found here.

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