Donate a Starter Kit

Donate a Starter Kit

Are you a foster family or potential foster family interested in learning how to request donations from friends & family? Click here for excellent resources and fundraising tips.


In order for a child to be placed, a foster family, even a kinship foster family and their home has to meet certain requirements. Our foster family starter kits meet many of those requirements.

Your monetary donation will purchase a starter kit for these families so that they can then qualify for a foster care license.

Starter Kits are tailor made to meet the specific needs of each family. A kit may include the following:

  • a fire extinguisher
  • smoke alarms
  • magnetic cabinet locks
  • CO alarms
  • locking boxes with locks for medications and toxins
  • pet immunization vouchers
  • medical physicals
  • gun locks

The cost of a starter kit is $200. You can send a check to: Boost A Foster Family, 1402 E. Catamaran Drive, Gilbert, AZ 85234 or use the following link to make a secure donation with your credit or debit card via paypal.


By choosing this option, you allow our volunteer agency liaison to fill requests from licensing workers and gift the families in need directly.

Can't swing $200 right now? We completely understand and we appreciate any and all monetary donations, from $1 to $10,000. No donation is too small. Click the following button to donate any amount that fits your budget.



If you are a family needing help, ask your licensing agent to fill out the  form on this page. Requests are only accepted from licensing workers

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