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Boost’s Mission & Vision

  • MISSION: To provide assistance for Arizona Kinship Foster Families and those seeking Kinship Foster Care Licensure.
  • VISION: Children will be placed in a safe environment with family (kin), and families will have the necessary resources to care for the children. 

Boost a Foster Family was created to meet the needs of low-income kinship families applying for foster care licensure. We receive referrals from Arizona Department of Child Services and Arizona licensing agencies that are working with families experiencing financial difficulties. We believe that by helping to provide in-kind donations and services, (such as fire extinguishers, smoke alarms, fees for CPR classes), we can remove some of the obstacles that slow down the licensing process while at the same time making a home safe for these vulnerable children.

Our hope is that our work will help foster children to be placed in a home in a timelier manner, avoiding lengthy stays in shelters and group homes. Prospective foster families will fulfill their state requirements and be granted licenses quicker, thus allowing them to begin receiving much needed resources only available to licensed caregivers.

Boost’s Journey

Boost journey

Our Founders

Jenny Cook & Michelle Noe
Jenny Cook & Michelle Noe


I believe in the quote by Mahatma Gandhi  “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Becoming a foster mom has been an eye-opening experience in regard to the costs of starting and maintaining a foster family in Arizona.

I became aware of families, especially kinship, who were unexpectedly approached to take in minors who, through no fault of their own, found themselves wards of the state. These families often had hearts much bigger than their bank accounts and were now welcoming children into their home while struggling to make ends meet.

My eyes have been opened and I cannot turn a blind eye on innocent children.

Seeing the needs of these foster families in Arizona, inspired me  to create Boost a Foster Family, Inc. to help alleviate the financial burdens that they encounter.  I believe that no family should face delays in getting licensed to care for their relatives due to a lack of finances.  Since becoming a licensed foster parent, I continually hear the comment from others, “Oh, I could never do that but I wish I could help.” To solve this, I created this site. And I understand that not every family is meant to foster, but I do know there is so much one can do to help without needing to become a foster parent.  There are so many easy ways outlined on this website for any community member to help easily and with certainty!

My favorite way to donate to causes dear to my heart is through in-kind donations because I know the donation will be used exactly as it is intended. (Honestly, I didn’t even know that in-kind was a term until starting this charity)   Because of this, I have set up opportunities for others to donate through my Boost a Foster Family website in-kind donations (such as fire extinguishers and other home safety supplies) to assure that the required items get into the hands of a family in need.

Everyone who is on the Boost a Foster Family Team is donating their time and talent, and all of the start-up and maintenance fees have been underwritten so you can be assured that no financial donation you make will be used for ANYTHING other than helping foster families facing financial hardships.

Join me in making a difference in a child’s life.


“To whom much is given, much will be required.” Luke 12:48

I had the privilege of serving as the Noe’s licensing specialist when they began their journey into foster parenting, and was quickly enthralled by Michelle’s passion and energy for making a difference in the world.  So when she approached me in the Summer of 2016 asking if I would partner with her in forming a non-profit that would provide help to families struggling to overcome obstacles in the licensing process, I responded with an enthusiastic “YES!”  Seeing first hand as a licensing specialist the challenges that faced many kinship families made me want to be part of a solution.

The experience of receiving my nephew into our household during his High School years gave me a deeper understanding of the adjustments many families go through when taking in kin.  We were fortunate to have many resources and support systems in place, but for so many families this is not the case.

I believe that even though not everyone is called to be a foster parent, everyone can certainly help BOOST a foster family in need. When I take the time to reflect on the abundant blessings I have received, I can’t help but want to give back. I am excited to partner with Michelle by volunteering with Boost a Foster Family, Inc. and hope that you will join us in serving Arizona’s most vulnerable children by working together to help families overcome roadblocks in the licensing process.

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