How You Can Help

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How You Can Help

Donate Money

Help support the mission of Boost a Foster family by making a financial contribution. Any and all dollar amounts are appreciated.

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Take the Tax Credit

Boost is an Arizona Qualified Foster Care Organization (QFCO #10043) Your donation may serve as a tax credit on your Arizona Return of up to $526 of single filers or $1051 for joint filers.

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Donate Items Directly

Based on Arizona State requirements, we have made it simple for you to donate safety items required for placement or licensure. 

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Donate a Starter Kit

Purchase a starter kit for a kinship family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, adult siblings, etc) in need so that they have all the required safety items for their home. 

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Foster Family Resources

Click here to find resources for foster families and kinship families. There are a number of organizations willing to help!

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Donate New/Unused Gift Cards

Boost a Foster Family welcomes gift cards from a number of stores. Click to see where you can send electronic or other gift cards.

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Start a Drive

Scouts, student councils, religious organizations, clubs, fraternities / sororities, and civic organizations are encouraged to do a drive to collect items or funds for families in need. 

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Share with a Friend

Tell your friends about Boost a Foster Family and how to make an Arizona tax credit donation. Many people do not understand that you can take multiple tax credits. 

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Do a Facebook Fundraiser

If you have a Facebook account, you can do a fundraiser for Boost a Foster Family. Simply navigate to Boost's Facebook account and set up your fundraiser today!

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How Your Business Can Help

Boost a Foster Family is currently looking for individuals, businesses and organizations to help our mission. If your business is able to assist in any of the following ways, please click here.

Fix-it person / Handy person

Often homes need minor repairs before a child can be placed like fixing doors, windows, minor electrical etc. OR families need assistance installing safety items.  Are you a Fix-it person willing to donate some time doing odd jobs ?

CPR & First Aid Trainers

We are looking for CPR and First Aid Training providers to offer free classes or classes at a discount for future and current foster families. CPR & First Aid training is a requirement for foster care licensure.

Medical Facilities

Every adult in the home needs a physical exam by a doctor before becoming licensed. This can be extremely costly to families living paycheck-to-paycheck. Can your facility offer medical exams free or at a reduced cost to families applying for licensure?

Pool Fence Installation

Families with young foster children are required to have their pool fenced.  This can be a huge obstacle for kinship families.  Can your business offer one pool fence a year for free or at a reduced cost for a kinship foster family in need?

Yard Clean-Up

Some kinship families have dangerous items in their yard or clean up required before a child can be placed in their home.  Would you or your company be able to assist with yard clean up, hauling items or cacti removal?


We need help procuring and installing fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms in homes of people who are unable to afford and/or install their own.  Many of our kinship applicants are grandparents.

Animal Clinics

Dogs must be up to date on all vaccinations. Can your animal hospital or vet clinic give out free vaccines for rabies? Perhaps your business can provide Petco Gift Cards. 

Furniture/Mattress Stores

Families often need bunk beds or toddler beds for the children before they can be licensed. If your company can provide these items, please let us know!

Office Charity Drive

Engage your business in an office charity drive to collect safety items for foster family. Or organize a gift card drive. Read More about the kinds of items we need. 

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